Real Estate Document Transaction Coordinators

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You Need a Transaction Coordinator

As the requirements for disclosures have increased the amount of paperwork involved in a real estate transaction, so has the need for real estate assistants and transaction coordinators. A Transaction Coordinator will manage all the details involved in closing a real estate transaction and monitor the process by communicating with the real estate agents, clients, escrow companies and lenders. Transaction Coordinators are also known as Escrow Coordinators, Transaction Administrators, or Transaction Managers.

You Need RedTC

We'll help you meet deadlines, make sure all paperwork is complete, coordinate communication with lenders, buyers and other agents and free up your time so you can continue to build strong relationships and grow your business. We provide individual attention to each transaction by working with the agents, escrow companies, clients, property management companies, title companies, and lenders. Our transaction coordinators will also schedule any required inspections, order home warranties, hazard disclosure reports and handle simple (CRM) client relationship management duties